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The Company has been established with the sole purpose of having an Organization in which a group of experts could operate to render a complete service in the field of environment engineering.Our


The members and employees of JOHAN FOURIE AND ASSOCIATES, conscious that the activities as custodians of the environment and sustainable development have on integrated environment management is committed to:

  • The continual improvement of the environment,
  • Enhancement of the safety and health of the client base and their employees

Through the promotion of pollution prevention, legal compliance and setting of objectives and targets, auditing and quality control.

This is achieved by documenting, implementing and maintaining the recommendations made during the execution of the activities of the Company, ensuring that the Client is equipped to carry out these recommendations or physically partaking in normalizing mal-practices if so required. 

Finally, the members of the Company will update this policy on an annual basis, communicate and promote the contents thereof to members of the public, clients and employees.



Johan has 30 years experience in the field of Environment Engineering and has operated the full spectrum of Occupational Hygiene as well as Air & Refrigeration Engineering aspects. He has experience and is qualified in Environment Management, Auditing, and Due Diligence work. His field of experience covers the gold, coal, and base metals mining industries.

He operated at Group Executive level for a major mining Group in the above areas in countries such as Kazakhstan, Siberia, Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and is well known in the Mine Occupational Hygiene, Water, Waste Management and Radiation Protection fields.

· Initiator of the Amanzi Water Treatment Project for the Gauteng Gold Mines.
· Completed research in air pollution control from Tailings dams.

Johan holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. His field of expertise is Environmental Management

He also further has tertiary qualifications in Occupational Hygiene, Mine Environment Engineering Infrastructure, Environmental Law, Environmental Auditing, Environment Management, Loss Control and Safety Management, from the Chamber of Mines, Loss Control Institute and the Universities of Reno Nevada, Wits, Potchefstroom and Cape Town.

Johan’s PhD studies encompasses research into Macro Air Conditioning Systems with specific reference to the removal of toxic gases from the Mining environment

Esmé Bredenhann

Esmé is a dietitian who firmly believes that only a healthy environment can provide people with adequate food and nutrition. She holds a BSc Honns from the University of Potchestroom for CHE and a Diploma in Hospital Dietetics from the University of Pretoria. 

Other qualifications are certificates in Junior Management, Nutrition Status Assessment and Nutrition Epidemiology from the University of Stellenbosch. 

Her work experience includes several years in Hospital Services, a Retail Company and the Mining Industry. 

At present she consults to the Mining and Food Industry on Quality Assurance with specific reference to HACCP principles as well as food fortification with specific reference to the need of people exposed to unusual circumstances. This includes increased metabolic stress as well as exposure to environmental factors.

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