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Rehabilitation Programs

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Hazardous Materials

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Environmental Training

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Environmental Monitoring


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Environmental Health

The service aims at promotive and preventive health and well-being of people.

The emphasis is directed at compliance with legislation and standards in respect of internal and external environments including:

  • Food quality assurance, risk and harzard analysis and critical control point auditing in compliance with regulation 908 of 27 June 2003 and Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act 1972 and Food monitoring regulation 918 in terms of the public health Act 63 of 1977. Cleaning and sanitation programmes.

  • Occupational hygiene audits, measuring level of exposure to harzards and training of employees.

  • The epidemiology and control of communicable and parasitic deseases; and zoonoses including Aids awarness training, Malaria T.B. control. Insect vector control and pest control measures.

  • Healthful housing standards and community development. Safety Standards

  • Environmental  training, awarness and pollution control viz air, water and waste.

  • Health education personal hygiene awarness programmes

  • Provision of sanitation systems and standards guidelines

  • Identification and eradication of public health nuisances (Public health Act and regulations Act 63 of 1977)

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Environment Management

Environment Impact

Water Management

Noise Management

Dust Management


Invader plants have become a very serious problem in South Africa, and on March 30, 2001 the National Department of Agriculture passed amendments to the regulations under the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, 1983 (act Nr. 43 of 1983) declaring 198 plants as invasive alien plants species.

Under this legislation, landowners are responsible for the control of invasive alien plants on their own properties.

Johan Fourie and Associates has established a group of experts that could render a complete service in the field of problem eradication.

Our target Market:

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Governmental Departments

  • Chemical Industry

  • Small and Heavy Industries

  • Health Care Organizations

  • Tertiary Institutions

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